Lucy Davis is without a doubt one of the most exciting young talents in championship show jumping competition at the moment. Heading to #Rio2016 with a World Equestrian Games team bronze medal already around her neck, Davis is set to make her Olympic debut with US team mates Kent Farrington, Beezie Madden and McLain Ward. We were dying to know what must-have items she will be packing in her Patagonia suit case as she gets set to fly down to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with #TeamUSA.

10 things Lucy Davis must have for #Rio2016

  1. Bug spray…
  2. The new Harry Potter book, obviously.
  3. My glasses and contact lenses because I’m blind without them.
  4. The real Barron, my grandfather “Papa Bob.”
  5. An epic pair of USA colored Nike’s, custom designed by my brother Clay.
  6. A RAD roller for my back, which I stole from my roommate Chloe. She’ll never know.
  7. My Canon camera, for the inevitable moment when I run into Michael Phelps.
  8. Beautycounter sunscreen, because it’s the best and nontoxic!
  9. A “what if” pouch…anti-go, anti-whoa, band-aids and such.
  10. Lucky “pony fairy dust”. My first trainer ever gave me a small jar of these magical sparkles before the trials this year. They worked, and I’m too superstitious to change things that work.