Twenty-four year old Swiss rider Martin Fuchs has been named to the Swiss Team for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Alongside the 2012 Olympic Champion Steve Guerdat, Fuchs will be making his Olympic debut for #TeamSwitzerland. Having just celebrated his 24th birth this month, Fuchs looks to make his second Championship performance of his career after finishing third with Team Switzerland at the 2015 European Championships in Aachen, Germany.

What Martin Fuchs is packing for #Rio2016

  1. Lots of sun screen.
  2. I will take a few different bits for Clooney. I do my flatwork with him in a Happy Mouth Mullen Straight Bar Flat Ring Bit.
  3. I will bring my moccasins, some flip flops but I don’t think I’ll bring a tie. We will be spending most of our time in Team Switzerland clothing or our competition clothing.
  4. Some candies for Clooney. It can be any kind of candy, because Clooney likes anything.
  5. Clooney’s fly bonnet with the closed ears so that he doesn’t hear too much noise in the Olympic stadium.
  6. My lucky whip; it is a black one that I used at the European Championships last year in Aachen, Germany.
  7. I’ll bring my iPad. I watch a lot of horse videos and Netflix. My favorite show on Netflex is “White Collar.”
  8. I will bring just one helmet; I wear a Uvex helmet.
  9. Maybe a deck of cards to pass the time with my team mates. I like to play the card game Jass.
  10. I will bring a new team hunt coat in the Swiss colors that I received after Aachen. The #TeamSwiss jackets are made by Scarabeus.