Olympic Gold Medalist Eric Lamaze will attend his third Olympic Games of his career this week, this time aboard Artisan Farm’s Fine Lady. Speaking with his groom, Martina Natali, we get an inside look into what items absolutely had to come to Rio for Team Canada’s Fine Lady.

Fine Lady’s Must-Have’s for #Rio2016:

1. Her plane snack pack! Which consists of bran mash and LOTS of carrots!
2. Her coconut shampoo for her dry skin.
3. Her special made red maple leaf bonnet with padded ears made by Talisman Horse Bonnets. Fine Lady just can’t stand noisy crowds!
4. Her Ice bell boots. Who wouldn’t like to put their feet in ice after a hot workout?
5. Her little black sheepskin for the lower strap of her back boots.
6. Magnetic blankets made by Activo Med. Fine Lady loves a nice massage after a long flight.
7. Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging ball, with no sugar. This is very important because Fine Lady is obsessed with her diet. She would never eat or touch an Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball if it had sugar in it.
8. Her perfectly custom-made Delgrange saddle.
9. Her mini pony size quarter boots made by Walsh. Fine Lady often likes to play Cinderella while jumping.
10. Her Veredus Magnetic stable boots.
11. Her heart shaped curry comb brush.
12. Mini pony fluffy back boots for her sensitive skin.