With New York Fashion Week Fall 2018 in full swing, it’s safe to say it’s almost impossible to keep up with the Joneses. How can one predict what will be popular in six months from now? Instead of looking to the future, we decided to take a step back and appreciate where we came from. We’re well versed in equestrian trends—at least that’s what we think.

As we continue our walk down memory lane, let’s take a moment to reflect on equestrian’s past  apparel “it” trends. Remember feeling like you were on top of the world when your polo matched your horse’s polo? Or when your brightly colored show shirts outshone the rest of the competition? We do.

Whether you want to admit it or not, we’ve all been there. Instead of forgetting your past, let’s embrace the styles we failed to acknowledge that would be flops. NF Style has dug into the closet and compiled a list of five apparel trends that we’re confident to say, are in the past.

  1. Zipper-less tall boots with pulls

How did we ever survive without zippers on our tall boots? If it took a team of four to pull off your boot, or you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve hit yourself in the face with boot pulls, we’re confident that zippered tall boots are here to stay. Say goodbye to your calf-stretchers and say hello to zippers. This trend will definitely not be missed.

  1. Half chaps and paddock boots when schooling

As a junior rider, half chaps and paddock boots were all the rage. Tall boots were solely reserved for specials occasions and the show ring. The toughest decision in purchasing half-chaps? The choice between black or brown and zipper or velcro. Whatever your preference, the half-chap trend is one that we all participated in.

  1. Bright colored show shirts

Once upon a time, the common thought was the flashier your show shirt, the better the result. Boy, how times have changed. From fuchsia pink, to neon green, to multi-colored stripes, wearing an outrageous show shirt was a way to distinguish yourself in the ring. Although we shudder at the thought of this style today, it’s fun to see how our styles have evolved.

  1. Loud belt buckles

According to Texans, the bigger, the better. And at one point in time, this saying abided to equestrian belts, too. Were your buckles so big and intricate that they got caught on your saddle when dismounting? So were ours. Whether you sported a disco belt or a giant peace sign buckle, the loud belt buckle trend was short-lived.

  1. Riding in polo shirts

Growing up as a pony crazy girl, my closet was full of polo shirts in every color. If I was feeling bold, I’d even wear two color-contrasting polos to make a statement. However, I don’t recommend that style in the summer due to overheating concerns. Whatever side you’re on regarding the argument on if show jumpers should have the option to wear a polo shirt in extreme heat, we can’t deny the good looks of a traditional hunt coat.

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