When it comes to casual jewelry, most women would agree that simplicity and comfort are key. And if that jewelry happens to add a subtle equestrian note to your everyday look? More the better. Enter Germany’s Dimacci bracelet line, designed with today’s female rider in mind.

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After honing her skills as an accessory designer working for brands such as Astor and Tommy Hilfiger, Dimacci’s founder and chief designer Ines Dieckmann decided to capitalize on her experience and her riding background. As a young girl, Dieckmann visited her cousin’s stable daily and paid her way through university painting horse portraits. While the fashion industry is no stranger to equestrian influence, Dieckmann hit the nail on the head when she founded Dimacci in 2000, offering uniquely elegant, equestrian-inspired accessories for riders and fashionistas alike. The designer’s love for the horse is evident in every aspect of her brand, from stirrup-framed watches and rosette flourishes on her Competition bag to the ‘Alba’ bracelet, named for Dieckmann’s favorite mare, which became the flagship design of her line.

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Dimacci offers a variety of leather colors, styles, and metals in their bit bracelets. Some of our favorites are navy blue, deep red, coral orange, and mocha brown, available in flat or braided bracelet bands. Most bracelets are adjustable using the belt-like buckle and holes, with metal bit pieces that come in rose or yellow gold and stainless steel, along with optional gemstones.

The bracelets are also perfect for layering, or—if you’re looking for a matching pair of earrings—Dimacci’s “Halla” studs are each shaped like one-half of the snaffle. To view Dimacci’s complete collection, click here.