When you spend as much time at horse shows as Emma Augier de Moussac, you’d better make sure you have your system perfected. While juggling her stable of young jumpers and more seasoned five-star horses, Emma often rides up to nine a day while traveling from show to show on the European circuit.

Last month at CHIO Rotterdam, the Czech rider campaigned five-star mounts Diva and J.C.S. Chacco Dia in the weekend’s big classes. Sporting AA show apparel—including her favorite black AA MotionFlex jacket—and a suite of Triple Crown Custom (TCC) dress sheets, coolers, and blankets for her horses (she’s an ambassador for both brands), Emma and her team look polished and professional in and out of the show ring—no matter busy their schedule may be traveling from event to event.

In the gallery above, photographer Erin Gilmore captures the rider in Rotterdam, at home doing what she does the best.