As one of the preeminent events of the European calendar in the New Year, the 30-year-old Mercedes-Benz Zurich CSI5*-W (January 25-28, 2018) has never been stingy on top sport, and this, its final year, was no exception.

The event brought in it’s regular slew of top international names, with big wins courtesy of hometown super-duo, Martin Fuchs and Clooney, and breakout star Stephanie Holmén of Sweden aboard  Flip’s Little Sparrow, who clinched one of the final FEI World Cup Jumping qualifiers in Western Europe. It also featured top-tier equestrian entertainment, including a liberty dressage presentation by Jean-François Pignon, a six-handed driving demonstration, magician Peter Marvey’s floating carriage, and a ‘free horse carousel’ performance by Circus Knie.

In recent years, CSI Zurich has faced organizational and financial difficulties, and recently announced that this would be the event’s final weekend. “The last CSI5*-W Zurich will once again be a great event: now, it’s up to us to create a party that will remain in our memories,” said the Swiss Riding Federation’s Andy Kistler.

If the photos are any indication, Zurich’s organizers did just that. Thomas Reiner was there to photograph the horse show’s final curtain call.