Photos by Lucio Landa

Edwina Tops-Alexander is one of the “it” riders on the international show jumping circuit. Highly experienced and destined for a medal, Edwina is sure to be one to watch at #Rio2016 with her mare Lintea Tequila. Alexander gets a lot of attention a a rider, not only because she was sponsored by Gucci Equestrian for a long time or because she’s besties with Charlotte Casiraghi, Athina Onassis and Jessica Springsteen but Edwina is an interesting rider, both on and off the horse. Hailing from Sydney, Australia originally, Alexander is quick-witted but determined and you can be sure she will be eyeing up at Gold medal this month in Rio.  Edwina caught up with us, during a very busy week in Valkenswaard for her not only as a rider but as a trainer, to let us in on her top ten items she will be packing for #Rio2016.

10 Things that Edwina Tops-Alexander is packing for #Rio2016:

  1. Most important for me is my Tempura pillow!!
  2. Fly spray and fly cream from Deet! I prefer not to come home with the Zika virus.
  3. I’m bringing my computer full of new TV series to keep my mind occupied. With one horse for 2 weeks I know I will go craz. The shows I will certainly watch while I’m in Rio will be Homeland and Scandal.
  4. I’ve also packed my gym clothing. I wear Lululemon when I work out in the gym.
    I’m also bringing my favorite book that I’ve read already a few times called The Secret. It is very inspirational and I can recommend it to everyone who wants to succeed in anything !!
  5. I’m not going to do any shopping even though I’m staying out of the Olympic village so I will bring a few formal and informal outfits. Balmain jacket, Valentino Pumps, Alexander McQueen pants or Roland Mouret Pencil skirt, Gucci silk shirt and Hermes Constance bag.
  6. I will most probably pack too much as I’ll be wearing the Team Australia uniform most of the time.
  7. For Tequila I’m bringing almost double of everything just to be sure nothing breaks.
  8. I’m going to bring an extra phone so I can get a Brazilian number.
  9. I’ll bring lots of Aussie flags.
  10. My favorite all time cream that I can’t live without called Lucas Papaw cream!! It’s incredible for almost everything!!

-As told by NF Style