These days, spurs come in every conceivable shape, size, and color. But never before have we seen anything like Eper-on by the French equipment company Flex-on. To start, they don’t look like any spur design you’ve seen before, unless maybe I missed a cameo in the latest Cowboys & Aliens movie…

The leather spur strap has been completely done away with, and in its place is a plastic heel cup, affixed to the sole of your boot using a collarette and held on by an elastomer band beneath the heel. Once you’re locked and loaded, you can select from Eper-on’s wide range of spur ends, including smooth rowels, Prince of Wales, hammerheads and more. The added benefit? Without a spur strap to mess around with, you can change your spurs yourself without dismounting.

Known for their innovative, shock-absorbing stirrups, the Eper-on is Flex-on’s first foray into cutting-edge spur design. And now, they’re available for purchase Stateside (from $159).

Want to learn more? Check out the video below: 

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