Growing up in the equitation ring, I was preached to over and over again to use only traditional stirrup irons. Why? Because the legendary George Morris said so. And when George Morris tells you to do something, you don’t ask questions—you obey.

As stirrup technologies evolved and more revolutionary, lightweight, and safety-conscious designs began to take over the market, I grew envious of the jumper ring trends that I was forbidden to follow. But why are non-traditional stirrup irons sanctioned in the equation ring? In a sport that’s already risky, these metal irons are arguably one of the least-forgiving stirrups on the market.

After years of waiting (and post aging-out of the equitation ranks), a revolution has graced the traditional stirrup world: American Equus Hunter EQ “Fillis” English Stirrups ($289).

Headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, American Equus’ mission is to create the most innovative and efficient products on the market across multiple equestrian disciplines, and they’re clearly thinking outside the box. The manufacturer of the multi-colored and customizable “Elite” stirrup line recently released their version of the classic hunter ring and equitation stirrup—one that even the likes of George Morris would approve.

Weighing in at a mere 315 grams, the American Equus stirrup is made out of solid 6061 Aircraft Aluminum and provides maximum lateral crush strength in the event of an accident. The Fillis’s sleek design is hand-polished for maximum durability and elegance and its patent-pending traction pin footbed naturally eases the knee, ankle, and foot to rest in a more natural position, improving comfort and posture—a necessity in the equitation ring.

The Fillis may look like your run-of-the-mill stirrup iron, but underneath that subtle exterior, it’s packing a bit more punch than its centuries-old predecessors. (Whatever you do, don’t tell George!)

-Photos via American Equus; Instagram/AmerincanEquuas.