Whether the topic is Renaissance art and architecture, cutting-edge fashion design, or pasta, there are some things that Italy just does better than anywhere else. One of these is leather footwear, and it’s no surprise that many of the most elegant and high-end tall boots in equestrian sport hail from the Old Country.

This month, one of America’s leading boot manufacturers has released a product that combines the best in Italian materials and design with the comfort and performance technology that has become synonymous with the Ariat brand for 25 years. World, meet the new Ariat Divino Field Boot ($950).

Constructed using two types of leather (Italian calfskin on the exterior and cow skin lining on the interior), the Divino® is created to fit like a glove and fully mold to your leg, requiring very little break-in time—a necessary requirement for today’s busy rider on-the-go. Another thing that Ariat understands about the modern competitor’s needs? We can never have enough grip in the tack, especially when it comes to our lower leg. With that in mind, the Divino is made with a special panel of oiled, full-grain leather on the inner calf, which is not only durable, but slightly tacky. This, combined with the boot’s rider-tested traction zones on the foot tread, help to keep your lower leg right where it should be.

Finally, if there’s any downside to Italian-made footwear, it could be that comfort can occasionally take a back seat to style (as the saying goes, beauty is pain!). The Divino provides the best of both worlds. Elastic laces help to reduce instep pressure while a behind-the-knee mobility curve works to prevent those all-too-common zipper rubs. Plus, Ariat’s ATS® Luxe footbed technology is anatomically designed to provide all-day arch support and shock absorption, while the moisture-wicking mesh liner ensures your feet stay cool and dry no matter how many miles you’re logging at the horse show.

Divino’s versatile features have already won it a number of top competitor fans, including hunter rider Liza Boyd and Olympic show jumper Lucy Davis, who appreciates their soft leather and slim-through-the-ankle cut. (“It fits me like a custom boot,” she’s said.) A ready-to-wear field boot with style, performance, and comfort to spare—what’s not to love about that?

Photos courtesy of Ariat. Learn more now at ariat.com