Today, the shiny bay pony with the big white blaze has a stall full of bedding and plenty of hay, grain, and carrots to content herself. But once, not very long ago, Amazing Grace was lying in the dirt at a ramshackle boarding facility in Miami Gardens, Florida, too weak even to stand on her own.

Were it not for the efforts of South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue, “Grace” would have died in that desolate place. Instead, she was transported to the organization’s rescue ranch where, despite her obvious will to survive, she was soon in for the fight of her life. At the Palm Beach Equine Clinic in Wellington, Florida, Grace received the life-saving care she needed, and after months of careful rehabilitation back at the rescue ranch, a new pony slowly emerged from beneath the wasted frame and sore-covered coat she had arrived with.

Now blissfully enjoying a cherished life in Canada with her own little girl to love her, Grace is a shining example of the good work and dedication of South Florida SPCA staff and volunteers. Now, they are the ones in need of help.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, the organization is facing staggering hurricane-related repairs and expenses. The rescue ranch where Grace was nursed back to health was flooded, and is strewn with debris from downed structures which have made it too dangerous for any of the horses to return for an indeterminate amount of time. Meanwhile, the animals that were stabled there need to be transported, boarded, and fed elsewhere, and all of that takes funding.

If you would like to support South Florida SPCA, you can make a donation here, or, to learn more about their efforts on behalf of South Florida’s rescued horses and their current repair status, click here. For more on Amazing Grace, grab your Kleenex and watch the video below.

-Photo credit: Rachel Sulman Photography (1). Photos courtesy of South Florida SPCA.