If you’ve seen any images of French rider Pénélope Leprevost jumping around at Lyon or Verona lately, you may have noticed a striking new addition to her regular horse show equipment. The GPA-sponsored rider has been stepping out in the French company’s shiny new model, the Global-Concept, and the revolutionary design is striking, to say the least.

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Created from technology used in Formula 1 racing survival cells, Global-Concept (starting at 3500€) puts safety at the forefront. The model combines an ultra-protective lightweight outer shell constructed from multiple layers of carbon/Kevlar to dampen and distribute impact. Meanwhile, an aramid honeycomb layer helps to prevent against crushing, torsion, or perforation. Finally, the Global-Concept’s greatest innovation is its new back retention system, which offers additional protection to a rider’s cervical vertebrae, improving the helmet’s stability on the head and eliminating the need for side straps (really!) which can be uncomfortable and limit a rider’s visibility.

The helmet’s distinctive, wrap-around visors are removable, and the Global-Concept will be available in a variety of custom finishes, handmade on demand at GPA’s workshop in Toulon, France. Though currently available for the European market only, the Global Concept is currently undergoing ASTM certification (it currently meets EN1384 standard certification) and is expected to be available to the North American market in early 2018.

For more information or to pre-order your own, contact: [email protected].

-Photo credit: Thomas Reiner.