Shakespeare once said, “The earth has music for those who listen.” So it’s worth asking, whoever said listening to music was only meant for humans? Throw out those cat toys and cotton balls—we’ve got a new pair of noise-canceling headphones to rave about. But here’s where we might surprise you. This pair isn’t meant for humans; they’re for horses.

No, these aren’t the headphones that star racehorse, TJ, wore in the Disney original movie, Ready to Run . Instead, scientists from HorseCom have designed high-tech bonnet headphones for horses to help them enjoy the benefits of listening to music, just like us humans. Although funny at first glance (just try explaining the concept to your non-riding friends), the newest development does have a serious purpose. Headphones are proven to both improve a horses’ focus and block out external sound that could spook more nervous animals.

Using technology similar to that of the new Bose QuietComfort 25 wireless headphones, this ear bonnet slips over a horse’s head and uses Bluetooth technology to pick up songs played from the rider’s cell phone. Not only does the rider have the capability to choose a playlist for their mount to rock out to, they can also use the attachment headset to talk to their horse.

 So before you think about “blinging” out your bonnet with crystals and colorful piping, spruce it up with music instead! Your horse will thank you.  To learn more about HorseCom’s revolutionary invention, check out this video, here.

 Need playlist suggestions? We’ve created three mood-appropriate lists your horse will love (also check out our “Top 20 Songs for Every Riding #Mood” here!).


Hall of Fame— The Script ft.

Fight Song— Rachel Platten

Brave— Sara Bareilles

Lose Yourself—Eminem

Dark Horse— Katy Perry

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Too Sassy for the Hack

Me Too— Meghan Trainor

What do you mean?— Justin Bieber

Confident— Demi Lovato

Born This Way— Lady Gaga

Roar— Katy Perry

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Pick Me Up (And Dust Off Those Breeches)

Stand By You— Rachel Platten

Love Yourself— Justin Bieber

Let It Go— James Bay

Story of My Life— One Direction

Unstoppable— Sia

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