“Every dream begins with a dreamer.” When you enter the website of Belgian Under 25 dressage rider Alexa Fairchild, this simple quote is the perfect introduction to the story of a young talent with big aspirations and who’s social media is just one of many reasons that we’ve spotlighted her journey.

Although born in New York City, the Fairchild family didn’t stay stateside for long and soon relocated to Rome. “Since I was a young girl, I was fascinated by horses and started riding ponies in the Villa Borghese Park in Rome. My mother then signed me up to the pony club where she used to ride when we later moved to Brussels. I had first competed in jumping shows but that did not go too well for me and then I competed in a small dressage show and did quite well. That’s when I decided to stick to dressage!”

The rest, as we say, is history and Alexa has since dedicated herself to competing and succeeding at the elite level with her overall dream to be named to the Olympic team for the 2020 Games in Tokyo. One of her biggest supporters and mentors along this road is Dutch three time Olympic gold medalist Anky van Grunsven. “It is an amazing experience to train with such a prolific dressage competitor,” Alexa shares. “She’s broken many records and has taught me so much in terms of technique, horsemanship and psychological approach. I am really enjoying the experience.”

With Anky as a trainer and partner outside of the ring, Alexa’s partners inside the ring have just as bright a future and are each teaching her something new every time she steps in the stirrups.

“Newton is a 15-year-old KWPN gelding, she tells us. “I’ve had Newton (Vanita) for two years and things are improving all the time, although we had somewhat of a set back due to his colic surgery on New Years Eve. He is coming along really nicely and I am learning so much with him. Sunrise is an 11-year-old Oldenburg mare that I’ve had for three years. We are in the process of training her up for the Grand Prix Under 25-she has so much talent and we have big hopes for her. I ended my Young Rider career with Sunrise ranked 7th at the European Championships in Vidauban. Romy is the newest addition to the family and she is an 11 -year old Hanoverian mare. She has a lot of quality for piaffe and has three very nice gates. I’ve only had her for seven months so we are still working on becoming a combination together for the U25.”

During Alexa’s time in the saddle, she has competed with the Belgian dressage team in nine consecutive European Championships and has been a part of the Belgian VLP talent team since 2011. Her most memorable moment competing for the Belgian National Team-if she had to pick just one-was at the European Championships in 2013 at Compiegne, when the Belgian Young Rider team earned the bronze medal!

But Alexa Fairchild’s talents lay in more than just the dressage ring, but the design studio as well. Alexa’s grandfather was John B. Fairchild, the renowned chairman of Fairchild Publications, long-time editor of Women’s Wear Daily, and founder of W magazine. With both of her parents having notable careers in fashion as well, Alexa says it was a no-brainer that fashion has played a huge role in her life.

“I was exposed to all aspects of fashion creation from a very young age and I’ve always loved it as far as I can remember I used to argue with my mother when I was two about what I was going to wear. Therefore my family and I have decided to launch a fashion fusion-luxury collection under my own name. Stay tuned!”

A year at the Istituto Marangoni in Paris was an incredible experience for her growth in her knowledge of fashion. Alexa has decided to take a gap year from the Instituto Marangoni to focus on her riding career and her personal brand which we can’t wait to see!

“My aspirations in the fashion industry are to build this brand into a viable and successful business. It is a family project that we are working on together and it is exciting to create a whole new concept. ‘Alexa Fairchild’ the brand, is a freedom tribe, fusion-luxury fashion brand that women who strive for uniqueness and freedom of expression, seek.”

As we wait with anticipation for her fashion brand debut, we’ll continue to follow her campaign in the saddle -a dreamer who’s journey you can follow through the obsess-worthy Instagram of Alexa Fairchild:

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Name: Alexa Fairchild
Age: 22
Hometown: Brussels
Current location: Brussels and Erp, Holland
Discipline and level of riding: Dressage Grand Prix Under 25
Approach to ‘gramming’: I like to mix it up between horse-related, lifestyle, fashion and travels.
IG Live or Snapchat: IG stories only
Favorite riding clothes brands: Pikeur and Hermès
Favorite streetwear brands: Isabel Marant, Acne Shearling Jackets and Sandro or Maje
2-3 other accounts you like: @chiaraferragni, @areyouami, @anky_van_grunsven_official
Words of advice for a good IG account: Videos, nice photos and be true to yourself/authentic

Cover photography from alexafairchild.com

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