Although Christmas is only two days away, some of us are already trying to get a head start on preparation for our new years resolutions.  The most universal and timeless of which-how to be the best version of you for you in and out of the saddle. Easier said than done, but what our recent girl crush and Instagram Spotlight rider Flore Giraud has reminded us is, that’s exactly the point!

The challenge is the journey and achieving your goals, new years related or otherwise, is through good old fashioned hard work.

“Work your strengths, even more so your weaknesses then take your time,” Flore says. “Take your time to find the right horse, take your time to advance. The timing is essential in life in general and so true in our sport.” Wise words from a young voice who is gradually rising on the international stage.

This young French rider has had an opportunity to work under France’s own leading lady, Penelope Leprevost. “She is an inspiration for me. I really enjoy watching her work her horses and how she is successfully doing so being smooth and so relaxed. She has amazing relationships with her horses.”

Working to have a strong understanding of a horse’s individual needs was a lesson that was very helpful when it came to Flore’s 9-year-old mare Ulisca du Touney.

“We’ve been together for the last two years but it was not easy in the beginning. She was very different from my previous horses in that she was very emotional. We had a difficult period to overcome after a fall with her last March but I feel that we are stronger together now. She is a real competitor and knows her job. I enjoy spending time with her. She still has her princess moments letting us know when she is unhappy with something but it took me time and work and she is without a doubt, the best horse I have ever ridden.”

CSI3* and CSI4* appearances are planned for the new show season as well as continued work as a VIVA Model and MIASUKI ambassador (you have to check out @miasuki‘s #MIASUKI_IX Series!) This display of hard werk + girl power has us ready to take on anything 2018 has to throw as us and to dive deeper into the Instagram account of Flore Giraud for inspiration along the way:


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Name: Flore Giraud

Age: 21

Hometown:  Paris

Current location:  Paris / Deauville

Discipline and level of riding (like CSI level):  CSO : CSI 2**/***

Approach to ‘gramming’ of how you like to fill your Instagram account: 

I like posting pictures of my horses during the competitions and as well pictures during my daily life. I love sharing good moments of my life on Instagram and the pictures which have a significance for me. My account Instagram is a mixture of my life of everyday (holidays, parties, good moments etc.) and of my competition and sport universe. I always identify my sponsors on each picture so that my followers can learn about the tack and equipment I use.

IG Live or Snapchat?  Snapchat! floregrd

Favorite riding clothes brands: MIASUKI

Favorite streetwear brands:  Reformation / IRO / Stella mc Cartney

I also love finding clothes from not famous brand on internet (I find many things by Instagram) and also go in le Marais or saint Germain in Paris find original clothes and clothes in thrift store.

2-3 other accounts you like: 

Words of advice for a good IG account: 

For a good Instagram account, I find it important to post daily to keep your followers entertained. I’ve also found that it’s important to be honest and true, and keep a sort of subject to your posts. The best time to post in my opinion would be around 6/7 pm as that is the time where people are generally active.

Photography by @vivamodel, @robingaliegue, and @miasuki


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Voyou in action 🔥

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End of 3 amazing weeks in Vilamoura 🇵🇹 next step saint lo

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Spread the love 🌹

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Morning cuddles for my two girls 🤗

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Winter break for all the horses ❄️ after an amazing week

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