When riding is a part of who you are, time away from the saddle-injury related or otherwise-is needless to say, never easy. Fresh into her days as a college graduate, Keyea Webster realized that she couldn’t financially continue to support her competitive career. As a result, she made the decision that all too many equestrians face in the light of struggling means-she took a step back from riding all together.

Never losing her passion, hard work and two jobs helped Keyea break her 12-year hiatus. Now she’s made her return to the ring in a big way! It’s been four years since she reemerged on the circuit scene and from once not being able to afford riding at all, Keyea has become one of the competitors to beat in the West Coast Adult Jumper Standings in the North American League.

More than a few days without horses is enough to drive any equestrian crazy. So how was Keyea able to fight her way back after more than a decade to now owning two horses currently showing in the 1.25m Low/Amateur Owners and one grand prix prospect? Stay tuned for a more in depth look into this inspirational amateur’s story in her upcoming Ammie Profile but for now, enjoy a preview of the Instagram account of Keyea Webster:

Name: Keyea Webster

Age: 37

Hometown:  Dallas, TX

Current location: Dallas, TX

Discipline and level of riding: Jumpers, Low Junior/Amateur Jumper Division

Approach to ‘gramming’ of how you like to fill your Instagram account: Relatable – If people are following me, I want them to look at my feed and smile and feel like they can relate.  Life is good, but it isn’t all unicorns and glitter, so I like to be honest about what life looks like…or at least try to be funny about the ups and downs.

IG Live or Snapchat?  Neither yet….I keep telling myself I need to get with the Insta Stories!  I’ve never used Snapchat.  I went through a phase where I loved the app… musical.ly…it is like Lip Sync battle with friends.

Favorite riding clothes brands: My parents got me a Charles Ancona jacket last year when I was at WEF and I am obsessed.  It is amazing how well it fits and how good it feels to wear, athletic or working out wise.  I’m also loving Struck breeches.  I’ve worn them for schooling for a while, but I just discovered their Show Series and they are so flattering!  I feel like I can wear them, even after I am done riding.  Other than those two things, give me a good sun shirt, and I am happy!

Favorite streetwear brands: Vince is probably my go to for everything….t-shirts, sweaters, shoes, cute dresses….everything is so comfortable and flattering.  I also love Zara for basics….they have great blazers and blouses.

2-3 other accounts you like: @erinfoster – She is a comedy writer…did a show called Barely Famous with her sister and is absolutely hilarious!  When I think of myself, I like to think I’m as self deprecating and funny as her.

@reesesbookclubxhellosunshine – I know that is a long name, but this is Reese Witherspoon’s book club, and it is fabulous.  I love to read, but I want to read things like Big Little Lies and Girl on the Train, and this insta has the best recommendations.

For horses….it really is all @nfstyle and @noellefloydmagazine – I love to follow all the Global Champions Tour stories, behind the scene info on horses and riders, tips of the trade, and style info.  The “Bit by Bit” and “What’s in My Tack Trunk” are two of my favorite series!

Words of advice for a good IG account: Show some diversity and don’t just focus on one part of your life.

Mr. Perfect…he just keeps stepping it up…every time I ask. #theheist #rangeroverallwood

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Finally a picture with people in it….not just horses. This place is perfect.

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The best boys I know!! #theheist #mtmaxel

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New boots and our first blue ribbons in the AO’s. Good boy #mtmaxel 🦄🦄🦄

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#mtmaxel …missing you. Can’t wait to play this weekend. 🦄please bring your A game.

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Photography by David Erdeck courtesy of Keyea Webster