If you’re on social media with any regularity, a staple on your daily feed should be Lotte Meulendijks. Rich with a variety of competition, modeling, and lifestyle posts, the 21-year-old Dutch Dressage rider invites you to follow her journey on horseback.

A current student of Jeanine Fiechter with multiple Dutch and European Championships under her belt, Lotte continues to compete professionally for MDH Sporthorses, a specialized training program spearheaded by herself and her sister Anne.

“My family grew up with horses and so did I. Two of my aunts own a riding school and when I was young I really enjoyed spending my time there, not only riding but also playing with other kids. I wasn’t a very serious rider in the beginning but when I became older I really enjoyed training with my horses for the competitions and at some point I had to make a decision between jumping and dressage. I decided dressage was a better fit for me but I still love to jump with my horses at home.”

From that young introduction to riding, dressage became her main focus and the passion behind her continued career in the industry. One of the main horses in her string, an extremely talented 8-year-old gelding from Welt Hit II, Welt Hill. MDH Ohio was also a top mount for Lotte but has recently retired in 2016 after a silver team medal at the European Young Rider championships in Oliva, Valencia, Spain. A 21-year-old gelding from Indoctro, he now spends his days in the field at their home property. Lotte has several nice young horse prospects as well including Talisman, a five-year-old gelding from Touch Me who she believes has a big promise for the future!

Immediate plans will center around wrapping up the rest of the 2017 season but future goals include potentially riding in the selections for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses. “That’s a big dream for me for the future. I will also be training for my next step, which is the transition to the U25 division.”

While her competitive record and social media game caught out eye, it’s the horsemanship and attitude towards the sport she loves that has us singing her praises. When asked what has been the most important lesson she’s learned as a horseman her reply was simply, “I think you should always try your best but in an honest and kind way. I think it’s very important to be friends with your horses, of course you should always be persistent but you and your horse should be able to enjoy the ride.”

With that, we hope you dive into and enjoy the ride of the delightful Instagram account of Lotte Meulendijks:

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Name:  Lotte Meulendijks

Age:  21

Hometown: Heeze (The Netherlands)

Current location:  Heeze (The Netherlands)

Discipline and level of riding: Small Tour & Young Riders, Dressage

Approach to ‘gramming’: I like to show my followers my life, not only my equestrian career but also my personal life. I love to go out for dinner and I also show that in my IG stories and Snapchat. My life can be a little bit ‘boring’ sometimes because I’m riding a lot and then I don’t have time for anything else. At first it was also very difficult for me to be active on social media like I am today because I really had to think about posting something and I had to take the time to make a picture and stuff. Nowadays I really love it and it feels very normal. I want people to see the real me and that’s also the reason why my sister and me are vlogging. We want to show people the good parts but also the less fun parts about our lives. Because it’s really hard work and it’s not all fun but we still love doing it.

IG Live or Snapchat? I prefer Instagram over Snapchat but I try to combine them both.

Favorite riding clothes brands: Cavallo

Favorite streetwear brands: Liu Jo

2-3 other accounts you like: Lewis Hamilton (I think it’s fun to follow other kinds of sports but also their lifestyle) & Josephine Skriver and her other page JoJa (I really like following her and the JoJa page because I see lots of fitness videos and that motivates me) & of course my sister Anne Meulendijks!

Words of advice for a good IG account: It takes a lot of time to create lots of interesting IG posts and you should not be too focused on getting new followers or likes. I think it’s more important to have fun and that way you can also see it back in your posts. So basically don’t be too serious and just do what you love and try to show it. Don’t care too much about what people think just be you.

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Photography by Equigeniek and courtesy of Lotte Meulendijks