Down-to-Earth, Relevant, and Creative: the three words that perfectly describe the personal blog, My Equestrian Style.  Fresh and unique content, MES is in a league of its own with its creator, and The Plaid Horse Magazine’s current Style Editor Bethany Lee, bringing equestrians the best of affordable style inspiration for your next #ROOTD or street-to-stable ensemble.

Some of our favorite blog posts, How To Wear One Scarf Five Ways, Color Block Sweaters (perfect for the winter weather that’s almost upon us!), and most recently, Bethany’s new Holiday Gift Guide and Holiday Lookbook. Believe us when we tell you, they are a must-see/must-shop!

We wanted to know more about one of the most popular equestrian fashion blogs online today. In our latest Instagram Spotlight we ask Bethany about her own life with horses, MES’s origins, and what exciting new things are in-store for the new year from the blog that aims “to prove how cutting edge, elegant, and applicable riding can be to everyday life.”

How has creating your own personal blog influenced your reach to equestrians all over the world? What’s the intent behind My Equestrian Style?

My Equestrian Style honestly started on a whim. I was working in the fashion industry in LA right out of college, photographing bloggers on the side and realizing that I could be accumulating all of these clothes, too! I did a little research and found there were maybe only a half a dozen successful equestrian fashion bloggers and so it was then that I knew I wanted to invest in this niche. MES has absolutely taken off from working with amazing brands all over the world. Becoming Plaid Horse’s Style Editor, to one of my funniest moment’s yet- having riders recognize me from my blog at horse shows!

How did photography come into your life? Was it something you had a knack for or did you have to dedicate to learning the craft?

My boyfriend (now husband!) in college decided to take a photography class and loved it. He bought a camera and some starter lenses off Craigslist and I just hopped on the bandwagon, too! When we lived in Los Angeles I photographed several fashion bloggers and we booked and still book several weddings per year. For a minute, we thought about going full-time photography, but I would much rather be in the saddle. So for now, Ethan is my Instagram husband and together we have fun shooting MES material together.

What is your process to find new fashion inspiration and new brands?

I try to find brands that really represent my style: chic yet functional. I would never post a photo or blog post in something I would not wear. And for the people who ride at my barn and see me on a daily basis can attest to the fact that I continue to wear these items! So I search a lot on Instagram or I look at different hashtags that relate to what I am looking for.

What is your favorite part of being the Plaid Horse Magazine’s Style Editor?

I have just begun my partnership with TPH, but they have already given me so much creative freedom to really make this style column my own, so I’m very excited to show you what is in store!

Your new Holiday Lookbook that launched this week is one of the few to be launched in the industry. Can you tell us more about it!

The premise of the magazine was to take a bunch of equestrian brands and create realistic looks that readers could easily shop and replicate. All of the photography is done by either my husband or Nicole Schultz-I also styled, designed, and laid out the magazine myself. One of my favorite things about the Lookbook are the companies featured. There are 26 extremely generous companies that participated and 23 involved with the Giveaway. I hope to eventually produce these annually or seasonally/biannually!

Who have been the main influences on your own riding?

As a junior, I started out with Brenda Mueller, Kristin Jungbluth and Kate Bomgaars. As a professional, I have worked with Nick Karazissis, Ralph Hill, Jack Towell, Betsy Foss and Jamie Reinheimer.

Any fun riding plans for the rest of the season/2018?

We have three German Imports that we are training and getting ready to be sold at WEF, so I will be spending a good amount of time in Wellington this winter. From there, we will hopefully make it to the new indoor facilities in Ocala and then Tryon and Devon later on. We try not to plan too far into advance because things happen and change all the time!

For more inspo, fashion or flat-lay related, check out the Instagram feed of My Equestrian Style:

Looking toward the weekend like 🙌🏻🤗😍

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Name: Bethany Lee

Age: 25

Hometown: Hartland, Wisconsin

Current location: Jacksonville, Florida

Discipline and level of riding: Hunter Jumper / Professional

Approach to ‘gramming’: I feel like it is important to not only post the pretty professional photos, but the ones I take on my old iPhone that aren’t edited, posed or planned.

IG Live or Snapchat? IG Live!

Favorite riding clothes brands: Too many to list! Ellany, Callidae, Mane Jane just to name a few.

Favorite streetwear brand: Madewell

2-3 other accounts you like: @zintapolo has some super chic inspo, and everything @ronnerdesign posts is stunning!
Words of advice for a good IG account: Engage with others! It always surprises me how many people I connect with on Instagram that I already knew in one way or another or that one relationship turned into a wonderful business opportunity for the blog.

Tomorrow is a biggie for me 🖤 I am launching my Holiday Lookbook and I am so stinking excited. I’ve been working on this for months and couldn’t do it without my photographers (Ethan and @_nsphotographs) and all of the brands in the giveaway plus more who supplied clothing and accessories. I put together this online magazine to say thank you to all of you! I am so appreciative of all of you who send me kind messages of encouragement. I love fashion and riding, but I also love you! So this online magazine will be coming out tomorrow night and it is jam packed with amazing pieces I have styled to give you some Christmas ideas! Also…. most of the companies are letting MES Lookbook readers in on exclusive Black Friday deals EARLY!! How cool is that?! Can’t wait to share 👏🏻

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sneak peek of my shoot today with @opalequestrianusa @justjodzuk 🖤 absolutely obsessed with their base layers. I’ll share more details soon!

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I could live in these @doversaddlery grey breeches and @tredstepboots … oh wait I do 🤷🏻‍♀️

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