The image of a horse and rider galloping across the field often pulls at the heartstrings of any and all horse-lovers. This week’s Instagram Spotlight caught our eye with the exact same image except the horse and rider pair weren’t just galloping across the field for fun, jumping a hunter/jumper course, or performing a dressage test, but a duo in the midst of all the adrenaline pumping action of the sport of polo.

Enter, the talented female polo player and social media maven, Naomi Schroeder.

An account that is a perfect balance of sport and lifestyle, Naomi’s content keeps you engaged as every post of a high cardio workout or pool day with friends is followed by shots of intense moments mid-match on the polo field and glimpses of her activities in some of the most exotic locations as she travels around the globe.

The cherry on top? Consistent posting and great caption game keeps her feed up-to-date and full of current content for us to follow along throughout her competition season.

“To be honest I wasn’t a horse girl when I was younger, my dad was the one who brought polo into my life. He had an accident and was operated on by a friend who was a longtime polo player and promised to take my dad with him to try polo as soon as he was on his feet again. The same addiction my dad felt after sitting on a polo horse and stick and balling for the first time is what happened to me years later when he he gave me a horse for Christmas so that I would start riding as well. I was pretty skeptical at first but as I rode my mare for the first time I fell in love with polo.”

Her top horse this year who is already featured quite a bit on her Instagram, is her chestnut mare called Pancha.

“I bought her last summer in England from Facu Sola and ever since she’s been a little machine,” Naomi shares about her trusted partner.

The polo season for Naomi has actually already started, beginning in March in Mallorca in the Mediterranean where the horses are brought in from their winter break and begin their training for the year. The whole of April consists of riding in some friendly tournaments still in Mallorca and from there, it was time for Chantilly where she played in the first Ladies European Championship. Afterwards, Naomi stayed in Chantilly and played another 12 goal and an 8 goal match

This month, Naomi and her horses head home to Hamburg, Germany to play some 12 goal matches before heading back to Mallorca in July for a small rest.

“The whole of August we are playing 12 goals at the Barralina Polo Club in Mallorca and in September we head back to Chantilly to end the season with another 8 goal and the French Ladies Open. In October there are still 2-3 weekends of polo in Mallorca before setting the horses free again for the winter.”

As a young rider making a name for herself and a face at the forefront of female polo, we asked Naomi if she had any advice for riders who might be interested in taking up polo-what’s something that you should know going in?

“Polo takes up a lot of time so you really have to be passionate about it. I’ve realized in the last couple of years that you either love the sport and dedicate everything to it or that people get bored and leave again.”

Keeping your passion alive is just one half of the equation. The other is a lesson that’s followed Naomi through the ups and downs of the sport to where she is today:

“The most important thing is to not only practice a lot by riding and stick and balling, but also to be in the stables and know exactly what each horse needs. Polo for me is a lifestyle therefore I try to spend all the time I have in the stables with my horses improving myself.”

Enjoy a little taste of what you can expect to see on the Instagram feed of Naomi Schroeder:

Name: Naomi Schröder

Age:  26

Hometown: Hamburg, Germany

Current location:  Chantilly, France

Discipline and level of riding: Polo; Handicap: 0 (Mixed) 3 (Ladies)

IG Live or Snapchat? IG Live

Favorite streetwear brands: Iro, Rapsodia, Zara

2-3 other accounts you like: @gypsea_lust, @emitaz, and @pololadymagazine

Words of advice for a good IG account: Do it with passion or don’t do it at all!

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Photography by ©Valeria Cetraro