You’ve seen her in the ring and in the ads for Horseware and Hööks, but who is the beautiful girl behind those golden locks? She’s talented, stylish, and our newest #girlcrush—she’s Swedish show jumper Tiffany Ling-Vannerus.

Royne Zetterman, Peter Eriksson and Pether Markne have each played a role in molding Tiffany’s career, one that has included top placings throughout Europe and a European Championship in 2010.

“Selma was the mare I rode at the European Championships in France and she will always have a very special place in my heart,” Tiffany shared. “She had a lot of blood and could be slightly mouthy but she would always fight for me. I’ve never had such a clever and careful horse before, she always wanted to go clear and knew exactly where she had her hooves. She’s also really fast, which made her competitive in jump-offs.”

Modeling came into the picture by pure happenstance, Tiffany went on to tell us. “Horseware needed a model for a photo shoot in Sweden around six years ago and the photographer knew my mom so she contacted her and asked if I could model with them a few days. Since then, my brother also got into modeling, and we both signed with the same agency in Sweden. I worked quite a bit during my time in university, but now that I’m working full time, I don’t really have any modeling aspirations, so I mainly just work with equestrian brands such as Horseware and Swedish Hööks.”

With a few jobs booked already for this coming fall, Tiffany is looking forward to traveling more, an opportunity that in the past has taken her to unusual places and given her the chance to work with some amazing horses. “I’ve ridden everything from polo ponies in Sotogrande to grand prix dressage stallions in France. Also, the stables and locations we shoot at are just breathtaking, and sometimes, it barely even feels like working—it’s a great get-away from my office job!”

Since graduating from college, work and the occasional modeling gig have kept Tiffany pretty busy. Her competitive pursuits are on the back burner but she still makes time to visit her beloved Selma. Now at age 18, Selma is happily enjoying retirement while also starting her career as a broodmare with her first foal, healthily birthed this summer with plans for another hopefully next year!

Even though she’s taken some time away from the show ring, we asked Tiffany about the best advice that she’s received on how to achieve success as a horsemen. “One good piece of advice I’ve received is to remember to breathe. It sounds stupid, but many riders tend to almost hold their breath during those 1-2 minutes in the ring and this can substantially effect your performance. Usually, when I walk a course, I will decide where I will take a deep breath and make a mental note.”

Have a look into the Instagram account of Tiffany Ling-Vannerus:

New collection for @hooksofficial 🦄 shot in 🇪🇸 photographer @dferro and mua @makeupevelina ✨💫

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Name: Tiffany Ling-Vannerus

Age: 23 (soon to be 24)

Hometown: Båstad, Sweden

Current location: Belgium

Discipline and level of riding: CSI2* Show Jumping

Approach to ‘gramming’: Just memories from life that I want to highlight or keep. Usually, that includes a good mix of horses, work and loved ones.

IG Live or Snapchat: IG Live!

Favorite riding clothes brands: Hmm.. I’m currently really enjoying the Horseware Platinum collection. Perfect fit, quality, and design!

Favorite streetwear brands: Levis for jeans, Zara for basic tops and dresses, and then me and my sister occasionally steal things from one another…

2-3 other accounts you like: @melanielingvannerus (my little sis) & @hedincarl

Words of advice for a good IG account: Don’t post just to post, not everything has to be on there. Try to keep a similar style or feeling to them—I edit all my photos in VSCO, which is super easy to use, and has better filter alternatives!

My little boy!!😍 @maxi_the_ridgeback for @hooksofficial photographer @dferro 💕

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AW16 shot at my place at home in Sweden 🇸🇪 by photographer @dferro makeup @makeupbyamandamattsson for @hooksofficial ❤️

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My little baby clear today ❤️ Bergkamp 🌟

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Those Swedish summer days at home ☀️🐳🦄

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New @hooksofficial AW17 catalogue out today. So happy to work with these amazing people year after year ✨

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Thank you thank you thank you ❤️

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@hooksofficial ❤️ 📸 photographer @majolla mua @makeupevelina #luxuscml

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Båstad over and out 🎾

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Those late night walks with @maxi_the_ridgeback 🌙✨

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#tbt to showing in Lamprechthausen with this special little mare. Double clear in the nations cup ❤️

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Summer has arrived 🐬☀️#boatdays

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Silver Lining MagiQ 💫

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ✨

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Photography by Hööks