Most equestrians have already migrated south for the winter and are all settled into their Wellington homes. If you’re anything like me, though, and are choosing to arrive at the Winter Equestrian Festival fashionably late this year, you still have a bit of time to pack. I won’t bother reminding you to take along silly things like a toothbrush or your checkbook. No, no—you already know to bring your toiletries. This is strictly a list of WEF essentials.

From hair care home remedies to fine sportscars and beachy wardrobe mainstays, don’t even think about showing your face in Wellington without these six essentials*.

(*Or something…)

1. An Hermès Belt

The classic “H” buckle is not only a status symbol, it’s an important part of the WEF uniform. Rumor has it that an Hermés belt brings its wearer good luck in the ring and keeps the poles in the cups. Wear it in either silver or gold, and have great rides all season long.

2. A Luxury Vehicle

It’s a known fact that the most time you’ll spend in your car at WEF is when you’re desperately searching for a parking spot—unless you get up before the sun. Why not idle up and down the rows of the parking lot in style?

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

No, I’m not mixing and matching my grocery list with my Florida packing list. Apple cider vinegar is my favorite secret weapon to combat the high sulfur content in the Wellington water, which can leave hair feeling unclean, even after a shampoo. Mix one part vinegar to two parts water and apply to wet hair. Let sit for 5-10 minutes, and rinse out. If you’re worried about smelling like vinegar, don’t be. We’re horse people, for goodness sake. I’m sure you’ve smelled worse.

4. A Sun Hat

A big, floppy hat serves multiple purposes, most of them obvious: protection from the sun and hiding helmet hair, primarily. But a large hat can also help you play hard to get at Sunday morning polo games. Pair it with some sunnies and sip your mimosa as you watch the guys gallop up and down the field.

5. A Maxi Dress

Just like the sun hat, a maxi can serve double duty in your Wellington wardrobe. Wear it over a swimsuit to the beach or pool, or throw it on for a weekend brunch date. You can even wear a maxi to the show on a day you’re not riding—you’ll fit right in with the fabulously chic pony moms!

6. A Monogrammed Golf Cart

In a sea of golf carts parked by the barns, how will you ever find yours when you’re rushing up to the ring? The answer: a monogram, of course! Bonus points if it’s lifted and has headlights so you can drive it back to the farm after Saturday Night Lights.

-Photo credits: Erin Gilmore; Kate Kosnoff.