Technical riding clothing that you can just as easily wear out to dinner as you can while riding is the core belief behind the MIASUKI IX Series 1 line.

There’s no better proof than the brand’s lookbook for the season, in which the new faces of MIASUKI IX—French show jumpers and close friends Flore Giraud, Iman Perez, and Mathilde Pinault—showcase the complete line. And as much as the breeches and the coats and, even, the more daring bodysuits look bespoke for the young riders’ lithe frames, MIASUKI was created for women with curves, as well, according to MIASUKI’s founder Mia Lei.

“I had a fear of animals when I was young so I decided to tackle that by taking up horseback riding,” said Lei. “I created MIASUKI out of frustration that I couldn’t find anything to wear riding in the sense that nothing really fit me as a woman—because I’m not stick thin. And, also, I was frustrated with the technicality of most of the clothes and the durability.”

“For me, it’s not just about looking good,” she continued. “It’s looking good and feeling comfortable to rock the outfit. I just felt that with a lot of the brands, the comfort element wasn’t there, or the flattering element wasn’t there.”

Giraud, Lei, and Perez at Guibert Paris

Key pieces from the MIASUKI IX Series 1 were recently unveiled at Guibert Paris, where MIASUKI is now stocked, and Lei was on hand to share her inspiration behind the performance wear.

“I think it’s the whole aura—the energy of it—that sets the collection apart from the others,” Lei said. “It’s also the mentality: I want the best. It’s either the best or nothing. I want to do things that I want to wear, that I want to enjoy, and I also have to feel comfortable in it.”

“I try all of my things so I actively take part in the research and development,” Lei added. “If I’m not comfortable then I’m not convinced and we won’t do it. I do take inspiration from history, heritage, and from what’s on the market, but I want to make sure it’s 100 percent MIASUKI and that it’s functional and it has an unequaled comfort and performance in it.”

Giraud, Lei, and Perez at Loulou

Giraud and Perez, of the MIASUKI IX inner circle, were also at the event, both modeling complete competition looks.

“All the clothes are so elegant and technical,” said Giraud. “The goal of the brand is to be the best. The quality is amazing.”

“It’s exquisite performance wear so you feel like you can wear it every day,” Perez said. “You can wear it out of the ring, wear it in the ring—it’s so comfortable that I could wear the jacket to the gym. It’s so versatile. It’s like no other brand.”

The launch continued into the evening with a cocktail party at Loulou to fête the Series 1 stylebook. With the Louvre in view from the window—and the sparkling Eiffel Tower in the distance—the event set an auspicious tone for the future of riding wear. Innovating beautiful designs that can actually go from the stables to a night out in the city, MIASUKI will change your closet game, making mixing and matching—from riding and non-riding items—a chic reality.

Lei with the MIASUKI IX collection

All photos courtesy of MIASUKI