Until recently, most equestrians coping with a designer shoe problem in their personal lives only had to worry about curbing our own spending habits. Now, we might have to worry about our horse shoes as well.

Meet MonoBloc shoes by American Equus: the first American-made bespoke aluminum horse shoes that are both brightly colored and customizable—and can also be engraved. Designed by founder David Shano in consultation with a panel of world renowned blacksmiths, American Equus—which also produces a line of customizable aluminum spur shanks and stirrups—set out to create a shoe that addresses the modern farrier’s daily challenges.

The result is a model that isn’t just pretty, it’s functional. Crafted from solid .5″6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum, MonoBloc shoes are 65 percent lighter than steel shoes, and will be available in a variety of deep anodized colors that help to prevent the oxidation and fungus growth typically found in high-moisture environments such as Florida. Other features include a rolled front edge for a comfortable break-over process, tabbed edges, and unique, counter-sunk and beveled topside nail holes.

American Equus’s MonoBloc shoes are available for a variety of disciplines, including hunter/jumper, polo, and reining. They also come in a variety malleable, easy-to-fit sizes and, at the moment, five different rainbow hues. So, if your inner shoe-glutton is already itching to get your hands on some, have at it! But don’t forget, we did warn you.

Learn more at AmericanEquus.com.

-Images via AmericanEquus.com.