What do you get when you combine a circa 1700s castle overlooking gorgeous British countryside, a group of riders, and a catwalk? One very rowdy fashion show, of course.

The gathering on Thursday evening at the Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show CSI4* was innocuously deemed a welcome reception, and attracted an overflow crowd to Bolesworth Castle, which overlooks the showgrounds on a stately rise. With British designer Abi Fisher’s exclusive collection on display, drinks flowed and shoulders brushed in the main room of the castle, which the Barbour family has called home since the 1800s.

A local to the Cheshire area with a showroom nearby, Abi Fisher’s collections offer a modern take on classic looks, and as her models took to the catwalk, all eyes were on pieces showcasing the brand’s bold, international prints and graceful silhouettes.

Not to be outdone, the pro wakeboarders at Bolesworth—because we have a castle, there is a moat, and clearly, that moat has meant engaging pro wakeboarders—took to the catwalk next, twisting and turning (and often assisted by an adult beverage in one hand) to display fashions of their own.

Last but certainly not least, show jumper Matt Sampson took to the catwalk to sing for Nina Bolesworth. Why would he do such a thing? Click here to learn how singing a song earned him an invitation to compete at this year’s show.

With show jumping kicking off on today (Friday, June 16, 2017), the party at Bolesworth has just begun. Stay tuned for more throughout the weekend from gorgeous Cheshire.

Photography by Erin Gilmore.