Royal Style Inspiration

If you are attending some Racing events this summer, then the first thing you should be thinking about is what… Continue


Diniz Wows Rotterdam in Red

Portugal’s Olympic select and consistent crowd charmer won Sunday’s Grand Prix of Rotterdam in a stunning crimson red jacket.


Can the Newly Reopened Ritz Paris Succeed?

Reopening its doors after a $450 million, four-year renovation, this historic Paris hotel prides itself on mastering the art of old-world luxury. But do 21st-century travelers want to live in the past?

Paris’s Place Vendôme is a splendid plaza of identical palaces designed in 1702 to honor Louis XIV. Once homes to princes and dukes, these palaces now fly silken awnings like heraldic flags, boasting the names of today’s royal houses: Dior, Cartier, Chanel. The most famous awnings, though, belong not to a grand boutique but to a hotel, the legendary Ritz Paris, which reopened two weeks ago.

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