Most of us feel right at home in the saddle, but what if you could bring the saddle into your home? British designer Timothy Oulton’s hand-crafted Saddle Chairs ($2,875 per chair) are a modern yet elegant way to bring subtle equestrian style to your living room or apartment.

Influenced by polo, racing, and even rodeo, Oulton’s chairs are distressed, lived-in, and endlessly interesting. Oulton himself learned the furniture trade in his family’s antique shop and was inspired by his father’s military service as well as his own affection for British heritage and tradition. Each piece is carefully crafted using simple tools from hand dyed and tanned Brazilian and Argentinan Pampas leather.

The resulting chair speaks for itself, and they’re just as comfortable as they are conversational (and yes, probably even better for sitting than your real saddle). Timothy Oulton Saddle Chairs are available in a variety of leathers and can be purchased at ABC Carpet and Home in New York, New York or at a store near you.