It was a perfect day for a jog on April 26, 2017 at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event in Lexington, Kentucky, presented by Land Rover. A warm crowd—human and canine, alike—greeted each entrant with smiles and polite applause as they jogged their horses down the geranium-lined High Hope Lane at Wednesday’s First Inspection.

Fifty-nine entrants in the 60-horse field were cleared for competition (Colleen Rutledge elected to withdraw Covert Rights after they were held for reinspection). The competitors, who hailed from across the U.S., Canada, England, Ireland, Germany, Australia, France, New Zealand and Mexico, were dressed in their seasonal finest, complete with bow ties, fitted sports jackets, geometric patterned dresses, and even a fascinator or two.

Boyd Martin, wearing a classic tweed jacket and bright yellow tie, and Allie Sacken, in a lavender lace dress with a delicate cream-colored headpiece, were selected as the winners of the Dubarry of Ireland Best Dressed award. Each took home a pair of the brand’s coveted waterproof boots.

In addition to the vibrant fashions on display, the crowd appreciated a lively show from some of Rolex’s high-spirited equine competitors, a few of whom took advantage of the light breeze to leap, spook, and rear playfully in anticipation. Today, the first half of the Dressage Test Ride takes place in Rolex Stadium, and if the Inspection is any indication, an exciting, fun-filled weekend lies ahead.

-Photos by Shannon Brinkman for NF Style.