Every home should reflect the spirit of the person living in it, and if you’re like us, your spirit is probably in love with our Splurge of the Week: Hermès equestrian print wallpaper. But if your walls are tall and that $345 a roll price tag is giving you pause, hold the phone. We’ve done some digging and uncovered three, wallet-friendly alternatives that don’t compromise quality or style.

After all, why should you have to choose?

1. The Next Best Thing: F&P Interiors Hipodromo

91991525_lOffering a similar feel to Hermès’ iconic ‘Finish’ design, the highly detailed F&P Interiors ‘Hipodromo’ Wallpaper ($137 per roll) depicts jockeys in the field dressed in a range of blue, gray, and beige-colored silks. ‘Hipodromo’ captures the movement and vintage feel of Hermès’ ‘Finish’, but at less than 40% the cost per roll, you can’t beat the savings (we won’t tell if you won’t)!

2. Ideal for Any Space: Saddle Up in Pastel Green by Eleanor Walton

jNYEIKjQYWSlJzFt3BTN_saddle_up_wallpaper_pastel_green_insituAs tranquil as it is charming, Eleanor Walton’s ‘Saddle Up‘ ($158 per roll) wallpaper design was inspired by memories of her grandfather’s farm—but costs less than half the price per roll of an Hermès design. Made in the UK, the delicate, sketch-like images of jumping horses will make the perfect accent wall in your downstairs powder room, hallway, or reading nook.

3. Go Graphic for Less: Waves of Bits by Ragan

rrrbitribbon_shop_previewIf you’re looking to mimic Hermès’ bold, graphic style, look no further than Spoonflower’s ‘Waves of Bits,’ design by Ragan ($180 for three rolls).  Featuring colorful, repeating blue-green ribbons interwoven through snaffle bits, this paper is subtlety equestrian but no less sophisticated. It’s the kind of print that can brighten any room—and maybe your day as well.

-Featured image from ©F&P Interiors.

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