Every saddle is a significant investment, perhaps the most significant tack investment that most of us will make in our riding careers. Yet after the 1,000th ride and a busy afternoon ahead, it can be tempting to simply toss your saddle onto the nearest rack and call it a day. No big deal, right?

Wrong, say the saddle-crafting experts at Amerigo.

To ensure that a saddle maintains its value, it has to be regularly treated with products specific to its needs for both cleansing and moisturizing. Sounds simple? It is—but these essential steps are oh-so important.

Here’s what proper saddle care is really doing

  • Creating a natural, protective barrier to defend the hide against agents such as light and heat.
  • Protecting against premature aging (basically, it’s like saddle wrinkle-cream!)
  • Helping the hide and leather retain their soft and supple characteristics.
  • Extending the saddle’s life.
  • Making it look great!

Now that you know how important is to protect your saddle, it’s time to think about what products you should be using. After all, the wrong type of product, applied to leather, can cause irreparable damage. Don’t worry—we’re here to help!

In its simplest form, it’s important to use products that are suitable for the type of hide used to make your saddle. If your saddle happens to be Amerigo (you lucky devil!) then we have good news: the brand has created its own, complete collection of leather care products, from cleanser to oil to conditioner, and now, its new Soft Care, an all-in-one cleanser and moisturizer which can be applied using a lamb-skin glove specially suited to the purpose, or a soft, simple cloth.

The products in Amerigo’s line have been specifically produced for the natural leather used to create Amerigo saddles, which are manufactured using only first-choice French and Italian hides from environmentally-certified tanneries. The leather is drum-tanned in pure aniline, with only vegetable materials being used in the process.

This, combined with the specially selected hides used to make these saddles (with meticulous handcrafting, we might add) ensure that every Amerigo and Amerigo Vega saddle is—like wine and designer shoes—a real, “Made in Italy” masterpiece.

Get your notepad! To get the full suit of Amerigo saddle-cleaning products, you’ll need:

  • Soft Clean – for a thorough but delicate cleansing.
  • Soft Oil – for moisturizing the whole saddle, particularly when it’s brand new.
  • Soft Grease – an intensely moisturizing grease which (bonus!), is also water-repellent.
  • Soft Care – a cleanser combined with a moisturizing formula, ideal for daily use or for a quick cleaning during competitions.

-Photos courtesy of Amerigo.