For most riders, the phrase ‘look good, feel good’ is an important saying to abide by. From our stylish helmets to our impeccably shined boots, nothing feels better than when you enter the ring dressed to the nines. The finishing touch? The subtle sparkle of jewelry.

Male or female, there’s a high chance you’re wearing some type of jewelry that is special to you like a watch, wedding ring, diamond earrings, or family heirloom necklaces. However, when it comes to getting dressed before the barn, should you be putting on all those jewels?

NF Style breaks down those thoughts that cross your mind when wearing a bit of sparkle while riding.

Whoops! Those weren’t insured, as you ripped your hairnet off after your class.

It’s always a relief to take your helmet off and let your hair down. But how many times has your hairnet ripped out your earrings along with it? No matter how much you love your pearl earrings or gold studs, keep them safe in the jewelry box when heading to the barn.

That giant scratch on my saddle wasn’t there when I got on…

With major watch companies sponsoring the highest level of our sport, it’s no wonder most riders sport watches on their wrists. But have you ever gotten off your horse and noticed a huge scratch on your saddle that wasn’t there before? So have we. Despite the fact that watches help us with timeliness, we suggest a watch with a silicone or leather band.

(PSA: That giant, blingy belt buckle will do the same.)

Your family heirloom went flying somewhere into the ring footing.

Personally, I can still get upset about losing my 8th grade graduation gift while jumping. No matter how many times I combed through the footing, it seemed to disappear into thin air. Whether you jump with a crop in your hand, or simply have your thumbs up while in the jumping position, there’s a high possibility of losing important necklaces in the dirt. Our suggestion? Leave the family heirlooms at home.

But… look good feel good, am I right?

There’s arguably a direct correlation to looking good and performing better. From the booth on the side, the judge will definitely notice your impeccably shined boots or perfectly ironed attire. Can we say an extra five points to your score? Although we don’t suggest wearing loud hoops the size of your ears or so many bracelets that you can’t button your sleeves, the subtleness of a small, simple jewels will do the trick.

Photos Meghan Bacso for NF Style.