There are few certainties in life, but one may be that if you’re going to attend the annual Jumper Accumulator Costume Class at the Washington International Horse Show (WIHS), you’re going to be treated to a good time.

After all, show jumping has a lot of virtues—at its best it can be skillful, elegant, thrilling, intense, and emotional—but, with a few notable exceptions (Kent’s post-accidental dismount bow at the American Gold Cup, anyone?) rarely does it have a sense of humor. But not on costume class night.

The good-natured riders in Thursday’s class at the WIHS went all out—whether walking the course with props (Hunter Holloway as The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy brought along her own Toto) or a head-to-toe garb (an unidentifiable Aaron Vale as a skeleton). There were pop culture references (Katie Dinan and Tarioso Manciais came as Game of Thrones’ Daenerys and Drogon, respectively) and one top-notch Hamburglar (double-points for an ’80’s reference Adrienne Sternlicht!). But the night’s top award went to the ever-creative Kama Godek, who brought a dose of seasonal cheer as a scarecrow and took home the night’s Best Costume Award.

Oh! And there was some show jumping, too. Beat Mändli and Dibatsja jumped beautifully and took home top honors. But, most importantly, a lot of fun was had by all. Happy Halloween!

Weren’t able to see it in person? Never fear! Click on through photographer Tori Repole’s gallery above.