There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning your way through the night with nothing but your neon alarm clock and growing feelings of anxiety to accompany you. If you’ve struggled with insomnia in the past, or are struggling currently, then you know you’d do just about anything to be able to catch some Zzz’s—from noise machines and herbal teas to melatonin and even prescription medication, when all else fails.

One thing you may not be familiar with, however, are weighted blankets; a completely natural alternative that may very well work for a range of Insomnia sufferers. According to a recent post on Glamourone study in Australasian Physchology found that weighted blankets were particularly useful for “[ameliorating] distress and disturbed behaviour”, while another in Occupational Therapy in Mental Health found that of 32 adults who used a 30-lb weighted blanket, 63 percent reported lower anxiety after use, with more than three-quarters of the survey group preferring the blanket as a calming modality.

So how does it work? According to the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders, a blanket weighing more than 10 percent of a person’s body weight can “alter [our] tactile inputs”, making it easier to settle down to sleep, doze more soundly, and wake up feeling refreshed. The study concludes that weighted blankets may provide an “innovative, non-pharmacological approach and complementary tool to improve sleep quality.”

In other words, it sure could make those early horse show mornings a bit easier to swallow. Even better, weighted blankets won’t break the bank—this one from Mosiac is just $95. Happy sleeping!