Cowhide is a centuries’ old tradition in equestrian equipment and footwear, but that doesn’t mean it should limit our parameters when it comes to boot creativity and design. In more recent years, lizard, snake, crocodile and even ostrich leather has graced the tops of high-end, custom tall boots. But the latest trend, showcased by Tucci Boots, isn’t found on land or in river waterways. Instead, it hails from the very depths of the ocean, itself.

With a color reminiscent of the sea and a striking, pearl-like texture, Galuchat, or stingray leather, offers a taste of exotic luxury in two different styles of dress and field boots. The best part? In addition to its striking appearance, this specialty material is virtually maintenance-free. It can get wet (after all, it was fish skin originally!) and won’t crack or fade with wear. Tucci uses skins from only non-endangered stingray varieties.

Originally introduced to the Royal French Court around 1740 by Monsieur Galuchat, the Court’s Master Leatherworker, stingray hide quickly gained a following in the highest European social circles thanks to its unmistakable texture and incredible durability. In days gone by, stingray skin was even used as the original sandpaper for fisherman working to smooth the exteriors of their fishing boats!

It may be one of the lesser-known of the exotic skins, but there is a reason why Galuchat’s popularity has quietly endured over the centuries. Offering the perfect combination of beauty and toughness, Tucci’s Galuchat-topped boots are just the thing for a rider looking for a touch of time-honored luxury in a boot that’s far from ordinary (contact Tucci for pricing).

-Images courtesy of Tucci.