Christmas is just around the corner—that rare time of the year that riders aren’t at competitions and are actually eating their meals seated and indoors.

And while equestrians know better than anyone else that good health—of their horses, primarily—is really the only gift worth hoping for in a year, there are still hopeful requests for certain presents under the tree.

We asked 28 top riders to reveal exactly what they are asking for this Christmas. Hopefully one of their answers will spark an idea for any outstanding, last-minute gifts for a favorite horse enthusiast still on your own list.

Sharn Wordley: A new pony.

Mei Mei Zhu: The first ever export of showjumping horses out of China.

Mavis Spencer: I get a my few days off at Christmas so I suppose that’s what I asked for. I’m going to Jamaica with my family.

Emily Moffitt: I asked for a new Louis Vuitton belt to show in because those are my signature belts.

Lauren Balcomb: A trip back to Australia to see my friends and family.

vanessa-mannixVanessa Mannix: A more stable toboggan! I nearly wiped out riding this one (see photo).

Jennie Brannigan: Fox hunting with my boyfriend in Pennsylvania.

Geoff Billington: My age cut in half.

Katherine Strauss: I want to finish my college applications so I can spend more time with my horses.

Florence Seydoux: I’m going on holidays tomorrow… See you later, frozen Switzerland, and hello, Punta Cana.

Charlotte Mordasini: A spot at the show in Mechelen—which I got! I’m not sure if it’s a Christmas or a birthday present, but I don’t mind for this time.

Lauren Kieffer: A beach house.

Jonna Ekberg: I’ll go home to Sweden to celebrate Christmas for the first time since I moved abroad six years ago. I’m so excited to see my family again, especially my mother, sister, and grandmother. So a couple of days quality time with my family is what I wish for this Christmas.

Alex Crown: A mini husky! It’s not going to happen this year but at least I can dream.

Latifa Al Maktoum: To snatch 50kg—it’s definitely not happening this year but I’ll settle for 30kg.

Sloane Coles: Fox hunting with my family, friend, and boyfriend But most of all, I’m wishing for a safe haven for the innocent people in Syria.

Denis Lynch: A new, tailored jacket from Animo.

Julia Hargreaves: The AA Padua jacket for cold, winter mornings.

Schuyler Riley: The same thing I wanted when I was seven—more ponies to jump and a shopping spree with Mom.

fudgeCarly Anthony: I’m asking for my new French bulldog puppy, Fudge (see photo)! I’m flying home for Christmas to pick him up.

Phillip Dutton: A nice relaxing day.

Karl Cook: I get the privilege of waking up every day and riding my horses so I’m good.

Lillie Keenan: I asked for new custom rain sheets from Equiport. My family each year selects a charity that we donate to, instead of gifts. I asked for friends and family to donate to the ASPCA and the Human Society.

Lisen Fredricson: Snow and a good book.

Peder Fredricson: Swedish Snaps.

Lindsay Partridge: We will be in NYC filming the movie The Farmer and The Belle and I drive home on Christmas Eve so I will be wishing for no snow storms. I have a sweet tooth so I will be hoping for Toblerone chocolate and pumpkin pie.

Jessica Mendoza: I want a really cool backpack, but I’m not sure from where yet. I’ve also asked for a Sat Nav (GPS) because I always get lost while driving.

Steffen Peters: To get my wife Shannon to go on a cruise with me.